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O h , yes, my j o b here is nearly over," answered Shetty. " While M u r u g e s h a went over the accounts, Shetty waited. He cast an idle glance around. A couple of village youths sat around a table sipping coffee and making a racket. A lone customer sat at a corner table eating his way through a m o u n t a i n of idlis a n d sambar. For a thin m a n , he had a g a r g a n t u a n appetite, thought Shetty. How sleepy he looked. If he did not watch 56 out he would fall face first into the plate of idlisl Suddenly an alarm bell rang somewhere in his brain!

He climbed over the gate and j u m p e d on to a dusty lane. Sprinting along, he crossed the fields. The palm grove loomed ahead, dark and 38 shadowy. A breeze rustled through the leaves. An owl hooted. At night the grove seemed even more frightening. In a field, a jackal called out to its brethren. Kartik was glad to be out of the grove. T h e outlines of the Sundareswara temple showed now. He ran swiftly and pushed at the main gate. It was locked! Kartik stared at it, dismayed. T h e wall was too smooth and too high to be scaled.

T h e police officers were very disappointed. You see," he elaborated, "Govinda recovered only for a few minutes and he was probably delirious. " " T h e foot of the Nandi," echoed the fake journalist. There was a knock on the door. A servant came in to say that lunch was ready. Kartik, crouching outside the open window of the study, hid himself behind a bush. A shadow fell across — someone was standing near the window. N a t h a n frowned. Was that one of those pesky kids hiding behind the bush?

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