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By Edith Turner, William Blodgett, Singleton Kahona, Fideli Benwa

Experiencing Ritual is Edith Turner's account of the way she sighted a spirit shape whereas partaking within the Ihamba ritual of the Ndembu. via her research, she provides a view no longer universal in anthropological writings—the view of hundreds of thousands of Africans—that ritual is the harnessing of non secular power.

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The nuclear family was in fact growing in importance as compared with the extended family or lineage. Many men interacted more at their work place than in their tiny villages or farms, and acted independently of their seniors, except in law disputes which were settled by a court of elders led by the most experienced man in the area. Even the clothes of important men showed the difference in the two eras. No longer was there a The Field Context of the Ihamba Rituals 27 headman easily distinguished by his long white waist cloth, no longer did he go about accompanied by his deputy similarly clad.

The child arrived with the mortar which turned out to be white and floury from cassava pounding. "Wash it," said Singleton. "There isn't any water. " Water was soon brought and the mortar washed. A villager came forward and dropped the equivalent of five cents into the basket. Another added two cents. Fideli put the leaves in the mortar, and then arranged a can containing beer a little behind the chishinga pole on the right, ready to receive the tooth when it came out. H e flattened a bunch of castor oil leaves into a pad and placed it atop the can, then covered the pad with the mukosu bark lid (see Figure 5).

In divination the nsomu nerve signifies a sorcerer, for a sorcerer can blast the fertility of his victims. The nerve must be taken from an elephant that has been recently shot, it must be fresh "living" tissue. An ax is used to break into the tusk, then the soft and hidden nerve fiber is gently pulled out. The nerve is so deep inside the tusk that kapwipu medicine16 is utilized to find it and get it out. Kapwipu medicine is bitter and hot and is regularly used to stimulate a strong sexual erection.

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