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By Arndt von Hippel

Regardless of a hundred and fifty years of religion-based attacks upon the sciences that maintain our technological civilization, the explanatory and predictive powers of recent Evolution idea became key to cutting edge advances in agriculture, biology, chemistry, laptop technological know-how, ecology, geology, infectious illnesses, paleontology, psychology, and lots of different fields. So the query evidently arises- could Evolution conception open the way in which for a rational research of creationist claims to absolute fact, normal legislations and divine suggestions? strangely adequate, the answer's "Yes!"

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On the other hand, their anti-family stance saved early Church Fathers from organizational difficulties of the sort that confronted hereditary Hebrew priests (too many entitled descendents - all from the same ethnic group), which might have endangered the Christian Church’s future expansion and patronage. And with no job-hunting descendents to look out for, the itinerant Church “fathers” had no basis for an inherited priesthood anyhow. The Church they designed is therefore run by an eternal self-appointed oldboy network - led by a pope elected by cardinals who were appointed by other popes who were elected by other cardinals in an infinite regress.

With that brave act, the pope once again displayed his total faith in the reality of God, in the existence of an immortal soul and in the important role of the Holy Catholic Church. Indeed, other prelates have publicly marveled that “This pope has the faith of a child”. Pope John Paul II felt empowered to deal with this festering doctrinal issue because of his unshakeable conviction that Christian truth - properly understood - could never conflict with evidence-based knowledge about God’s own universe (although it surely does).

Then, provided there is no detectable difference between religion (X) as it now stands, and religion (X) with only a hypothetical deity (X minus D), one would have to conclude that X=X-D. And in this case, the simplest, most obvious explanation has to be that D=0. * *See also “Kindly Skip the Funeral” on page 92. Chapter Eight ********* Theistic evolution is “an anesthetic that deadens the Christian’s pain while his religion is being removed”. William Jennings Bryan (1925) ********* Religious faith confirms dogma Religious dogma confirms faith In the end, the credibility of any hypothesis or belief rests upon the standard of proof it must meet - and that standard may change significantly between noon in a science lab and midnight in a possibly haunted house - or even after a few drinks.

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