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Going past mere analysis, An Atlas of Gastroenterology covers every thing from swallowing problems to therapy of jaundiced and immuno-compromised sufferers. Tables, illustrations, and case histories positioned the knowledge at your fingertips. prime specialists mix lucid textual content with broad illustrations to interpret the recommendations wanted for a company grab of the subject. assurance comprises swallowing problems, heartburn, dyspepsia, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, colonic polyps and colon melanoma, pancreatitis, pancreatic melanoma, the jaundiced sufferer and the immuno-compromised sufferer. released largely for kin and first care physicians An Atlas of Gastroenterology describes all elements of the prognosis and therapy of gastrointestinal ailment.

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16 Summary of ileal resection or disease Small resection* (< 100 cm) Bile acid diarrhea. 13 Causes of intestinal malabsorption in the lumen of the intestine Large resection* (> 100 cm) Fatty acid diarrhea. g. g. jejunal diverticulosis, Billroth II gastrectomy, surgical self-filling blind loop stagnant loop syndrome – scelroderma, amyloidosis, diabetes mellitus, etc. contaminated bowel syndrome fistula: gastro-jejunic-colic fistula secondary to peptic ulcer or cancer stricture: Crohn’s disease, post-radiation, post-ischemia Parasites giardiasis strongyloidiasis capillariasis Cryptosporidium Isospora belli * ‘Resection’ or equivalent amount of ileal disease, as with Crohn’s disease there is a watery diarrhea due to secretion induced in the colon, but no fat malabsorption.

2) Dendritic cells and macrophages serve as antigen presenting cells, presenting processed antigen (gliadin, tTG and their complexes) along with HLA-DQ2 or HLA-DQ8 to CD4+ T cells (Th1 or Th2). (3) Tumor necrosis factor-α (TNFα) stimulates fibroblasts to produce metalloproteinases, causing matrix breakdown, mucosal remodeling, crypt hyperplasia, villous atrophy, stimulated lamina propria and increased mucosal permeability, allowing entry of more gliadin into the lamina propria. (4) Th2 cells stimulate B cells to form plasma cells secreting antibodies against gliadin and tTG.

Worse still, the condition goes unrecognized and the physician takes the short cut of prescribing H2 receptor antagonists or proton pump inhibitors. Aerophagia REFERENCES Case history 8 1. Webb PM, Crabtree JE, Forman D. Gastric cancer, cytotoxinassociated gene A-positive Helicobacter pylori, and serum pepsinogens: an international study. The Eurogast Study Group. Gastroenterology 1999:116:269–76 2. Zollinger RM, Ellison EH. Primary peptic ulceration of the jejunum associated with islet cell tumors of the pancreas.

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