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By T. Henriksen

America and Rogue States narrates and analyzes the USA dating with the most nuclear-threatening, terrorist-sponsoring outcast states over the last decades.

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Thus, each presented a particular challenge to the United States, its allies, and the world at large in the decades after the Soviet Union broke apart. In summary here, America invaded and occupied Iraq, whereas it entered into arms-control agreements with North Korea. It negotiated with Libya to shed its WMD efforts. It cooperated with European states to present The Rogue Phenomenon ● 27 carrots and sticks for Iran to induce it to break off its nuclear quest. Sugar as well as clubs, in fact, formed a fairly consistent component of Washington’s approach to adversarial regimes.

20 Judging from a greater historical perspective two decades after the conflict and with more knowledge of Saddam Hussein, it is far more accurate to place the blame squarely on the Iraqi strongman. Hussein’s prewar motives reached beyond intimation for finite ends; his threatening bombast, however crudely delivered, set out the political case for swallowing Kuwait. He misjudged the reaction not only in the West but also in the Arab world, which condemned it and joined in the fight against his gobbling up a neighboring state in early August 1990.

His Revolutionary Day speech on July 17 sounded, with hindsight, much like the “public case” for invasion that it soon represented. He accused Kuwait of stealing Iraqi petroleum by “slant drilling” under the border into Iraq’s 38 ● America and the Rogue States oilfields. 17 His claims laid down a pretext for military assault. On July 24, Iraqi T-72 battle tanks barreled up to the Kuwaiti border and stopped. The Iraq-Kuwait border tension precipitated an unexpected summons from Hussein to US Ambassador April Glaspie, based in Baghdad.

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