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By Pema Chödrön

For hundreds of years Tibetan Buddhists have trusted a set of fifty-nine pith teachings (called lojong in Tibetan) to aid them increase knowledge and compassion amid the demanding situations of day-by-day residing. during this ebook Pema Chödrön introduces those transformative teachings and provides tips on how one can lead them to a part of our daily lives.

The lojong teachings comprise: "Always preserve just a cheerful mind," "Don't be swayed via exterior circumstances," "Don't be so predictable," and "Be thankful to everyone." every one slogan is through Pema Chödrön's available and succinct observation on the right way to comprehend and observe it.

This e-book additionally contains a forty-five-minute audio software entitled "Opening the Heart," within which Pema Chödrön deals in-depth guide on tonglen meditation, a robust perform that any one can adopt to evoke compassion for oneself and others.

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The spawn of all other desires and the torment of the everrestless mind is that profoundly deep longing to know thy Self. Now that you know where thoughts come from, I recommend that you do this simple experience for one minute, once every hour. Take a minute at some time during every hour and stop your thinking. (If this is impractical, then do it when you can for longer periods such as 5, 10 or even 20 minutes. ) When other thoughts push their way in, don’t fight them. This will always happen because it is the nature of the mind to think.

Likewise, time is the illusion that the mind produces. Individual thoughts are like the individual frames of movie film. Individual thoughts occur so quickly they appear to be moving. That illusion of motion is what we call time. When we think about future events we are moving forward in time. When we visit our memories we are moving back in time. All this movement takes place in the mind. It exists nowhere else in this universe but in your mind. Your time, your future and your past, is not shared by anyone else.

I would like to take a moment to explain the difference between brain and mind. At least, how I will use those words in this book. Some sources use them interchangeably. Some say the brain creates the mind and others hold that the mind creates the brain. It would be counterproductive for us to join in this longstanding debate. The brain is a physical structure subject to physical laws. The mind, obviously, belongs in the mental model. And, as we shall see, the mind includes thinking, feeling, memory and a few other goodies soon to be unveiled.

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