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By Harry L.Mike Harkins, Jerry Krause

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This UCLA type of continuity provides many of John Wooden's famous shot options within the context of enough player movement to counter today's pressure and help player defenses. It offers both quick shot opportunities, and the ability to run the motion until the clock shows the appropriate amount of time, and then obtain a high-percentage shot. The fact that it may be adapted for use against zones gives it further value. Page 65 Chapter 5 The Stack Overload Pattern The stack overload pattern is initiated from a 1-2-2 set.

Diagram 3-20 Strongside Fake to Lob If (1) is not open, (2) steps to the point, receives the ball from (3), and reverses it to (1). See Diagram 3-21. From there, the basic pattern may continue. See Diagram 3-22. Diagram 3-21 Diagram 3-22 Page 47 Wing Lob Backdoor Play Once you have run the preceding play, the wing lob play should work well. In Diagram 3-23, (2) starts up to screen for (1) and X2 hedges on (1)'s cut. This allows (2) to backdoor X2 and receive the lob pass. Also note that (1) faked the lob cut.

See Diagram 1-20. This time, however, (1) does not make a replacement cut to point. Instead, the player (1) continues on for (2)'s defender and nails X2 with a definite screen. (2) uses (1)'s screen to flash to the point and receive the ball from (4), for an unmolested jump shot. This shot can be a three pointer if desired. See Diagram 1-21. Page 18 Diagram 1-20 Diagram 1-21 Post Pullout Loop If (1) is not open, the motion is repeated. (1)'s screen can be a very active head-hunting screen. III.

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