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By Thomas Cleary

Here's an creation to the mystical and mystical realm of Taoism via biographical and ancient sketches of Taoist adepts over thousand years. This panoramic view of the various faces of Taoism and its intimate reference to chinese language tradition and society contains interesting money owed of the Taoist mystery societies that conducted mystical routines and robust consciousness-altering strategies, together with sensory deprivation, incantation, visualization, and concentration.

This choice of sketches, compiled through Zhang Tianyu, a Taoist priest within the fourteenth century, and translated by means of popular translator Thomas Cleary, portrays a couple of hundred extraordinary members from the 11th century B.C.E. to the 13th century C.E. It introduces us to a large and engaging diversity of personalities together with philosophers and students, magicians and mediums, alchemists and physicians, seers and soothsayers, and artists and poets, between many others.

Cleary’s professional translation and informative footnotes make this assortment a full of life and available learn.

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