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By E. L. Houghton, P. W. Carpenter, Steven H. Collicott Ph.D. Stanford University Aeronautics & Astronautics, Daniel T. Valentine Ph.D.

"The publication is obviously written and will be with a bit of luck suggested as a normal and accomplished aerodynamics textual content for using scholars of aeronautical engineering.Journal of Aerospace Engineering.... a helpful textual content for the undergraduate no longer least as a result of the large use of good annotated examples and the vast variety of issues covered.The Aeronautical magazine.

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To convert from one reference point to the other is a simple application of statics. Suppose, for example, the lift and drag are known, as also is the pitching moment M a about a point distance a from the leading edge, and it is desired to find the pitching moment Mx about a different point, distance x behind the leading edge. The situation is then as shown in Fig. lo. loa represents the known conditions, and Fig. 10b the unknown conditions. These represent two alternative ways of looking at the same physical system, and must therefore give identical effects on the aerofoil.

E. the line of the chord behind the leading edge (A1/4 or $I/& or on the trailing edge (ATE or &E). Dihedral angle If an aeroplane is looked at from directly ahead, it is seen that the wings are not, in general, in a single plane (in the geometric sense), but are instead inclined to each other at a small angle. Imagine lines drawn on the wings along the locus of the intersections between the chord lines and the section noses, as in Fig. 5. Then the angle 2r is the dihedral angle of the wings. If the wings are inclined upwards, they are said to have dihedral, if inclined downwards they have anhedral.

22 Flow conditions and forces at a section of a three-dimensional lifting wing The further apart the wing-tip vortices the less will be their effectivenessin producing induced incidence and drag. 50)) where S is a small positive number, constant for a given wing. 8 Lift-dependent drag G, It has been seen that the induced drag coefficient is proportional to and may exist in an inviscid fluid. On a complete aircraft, interference at wing/fuselage, wing/ engine-nacelle, and other such junctions leads to modification of the boundary layers over the isolated wing, fuselage, etc.

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