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By Robert L. Goldstein, Richard T. Cotton

Aerobics teacher handbook: The source for crew health teachers.

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2. Increased concentrations of oxidative enzymes, which extract oxygen from the blood, in the specific muscles trained. Increased concentration of oxidative enzymes coupled with increased vascularity means that the aerobic capacity of the trained muscles is improved. 3. Enhanced glycogen storage delays fatigue because more metabolic substrate is available. These neuromuscular changes are specific to the ST muscle fibers and motor units, and are of particular relevance to aerobic exercise. Although aerobic exercise does not adhere precisely to the training principles mentioned earlier, regular participation in aerobic exercise generally enhances muscular endurance.

Slow twitch (ST) fibers, on the other hand, are exceptionally well-equipped for oxygen delivery and have a high quantity of aerobic or oxidative enzymes. Although they do not have a highly developed mechanism for use of the phosphagens or anaerobic glycolysis, ST fibers have a large number of mitochondria, and consequently, are particularly well-designed for use of aerobic glycolysis and fatty acid oxidation. 1COMPARISON OF ANAEROBIC AND AEROBIC SYSTEMS OF ATP PRODUCTIONAnaerobic SystemsRate of ATP ProductionSubstrateCapacity of SystemMajor LimitationMajor UsePhosphagensVery rapid rateCreatineVery limited ATPVery limitedVery high-intensity,(stored ATP & CP)phosphate (CP)productionsupply of CPshort-duration sprintactivities.

5. Body composition. Body composition refers to the makeup of the body using the concept of a two-component model: lean body mass and body fat. The lean body mass consists of the muscles, bones, nervous tissue, skin, blood and organs. These tissues have a high metabolic rate and make a direct, positive contribution to energy production during exercise. Body fat or adipose tissue represents that component of the body whose primary role is to store energy for later use. Body fat does not contribute in a direct sense to exercise performance.

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