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By Douglas C. Neckers, William S. Jenks, Thomas Wolff

Content material: Hypericin and its perylene quinone analogs : probing constitution, dynamics, and interactions with the surroundings / ok. Das ... [et al.] -- Thiophosgene : a tailored molecule for photochemical and photophysical reviews / David C. Moule, Takashige Fujiwara, and Edward C. Lim -- 1,2-Cycloaddition response of carbonyl compounds and pentaatomic heterocyclic compounds / M.D. D'Auria, L. Emanuele, and R. Racioppi -- the discovery of Dylux instant-access imaging fabrics and the advance of habi chemistry : a private heritage / Rolf Dessauer

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In this chapter, we present recent developments in the experimental and theoretical studies of the structure and excited-state dynamics of gaseous thiophosgene. A major emphasis of the chapter is the OODR and other experiments in supersonic jet that probe and characterize dark electronic states and their coupling with the bright states. The paper is organized as follows: We begin with a brief discussion of molecular orbitals and energy-level dispositions of electronic states. We next describe the spectroscopy of individual electronic states in sequence: ground (S0) state, first excited singlet (S1) state, first triplet (T1) state, and second excited singlet (S2) state.

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