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10) it is clear that it is not yet possible to do something about z02 in this design step. Now we select the virtual controls ( ) V des,0 = V ref cos χ − χ ref − c01 z01 ⎛ c 03 z03 − z ref ⎞ π π ⎟, − < γ < V 2 2 ⎝ ⎠ γ des,0 = arcsin ⎜ (11) (12) where c01 > 0 and c03 > 0 are the control gains. The actual implementable virtual control signals V des and γ des , as well as their derivatives, V des and γ des , are obtained by filtering the virtual signals with a second-order low-pass filter. , 1997).

9] Ehlers, S. , and Weisshaar, T. , "Static Aeroelastic Behavior of an Adaptive Laminated Piezoelectric Composite Wing," AIAA-90-1078-CP, April, 1990, pp. 1611-1623. Adaptive Fight Control Actuators and Mechanisms for Missiles, Munitions and Uninhabited Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) 19 [10] Ehlers, S. , "Adaptive Wing Flexural Axis Control," paper presented at the Third International Conference on Adaptive Structures, sponsored by the ASME, 9 - 11 November, 1992, San Diego. [11] Ehlers, S. , and Weisshaar, T.

2006, Sonneveldt, et al. 2007)). Most of these designs consider control of the aerodynamic angles μ, α, and β. Due to the higher relative degree, however, the design of trajectory controllers as discussed here is much more complicated, as the required analytical calculation of the derivatives of the intermediate control variables leads to a rapid explosion of terms. , 2003) to select a sliding- 24 Advances in Flight Control Systems mode design for the outer feedback loops. Another disadvantage of (adaptive) backstepping flight control system design is that the contribution of the control-surface deflections to the aerodynamic forces cannot be taken into account.

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