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By P. R. Sammonds, J M T Thompson, J. M. T. Thompson

If you would like an concept of the place present earth technology study is heading. however the first bankruptcy on assessing the dangers of now not addressing carbon emissions is well worth the expense of admission.

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This new car costs £673 in fuel and creates 5444 kg of GHG each year. Mr Meyer sticks to biking (with baby seat) and public transport at the annual cost of £380, and with an associated GHG emission of just 528 kg. May 17, 2007 23:23 WSPC/SPI-B424 From Earthquakes to Global Warming The Price of Climate Change ch01 15 With growing families, the food purchases of both our subjects rise to 33 kg of goods each week, with Mr Black continuing to buy without regard to ‘food miles’ the GHG arising from the transport of his food goes up to 4368 kg.

Com) and assume ‘Saver return’ tickets. Household GHG emission data based on a television, video recorder and games console being left on standby, rather than being switched off [Australian Greenhouse Office (2001)]. Senior (11–18) GHG emissions and related costs calculated as previously stated, assuming 160 trips school trips per year at 40 km each time. Student (18–21) Student transport assumes car to be a 1995 Ford Focus (2l) and annual distance travelled to be 9000 km. For Mr Meyer, 8000 km per year via public transport, 1000 km per year by bike.

4. Greenhouse Gas Budgets for Individuals It is in our own lifestyles that many of the most cost-effective reductions in GHG emissions can be made. If we add to this the ‘bottom-up’ effect such lifestyle changes could have on community, business and eventually government GHG policy then the huge importance of individual GHG emissions on a global scale is clear. To assess what kind of GHG emissions reductions might be possible, and the monetary cost of these reductions for typical westerners, let us consider two people born in modern day London.

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