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A linguistic smorgasbord of real-life Arabic texts

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Therefore in academic discussions of suzhi, the concept is divided into shenti suzhi (physical quality) and wenhua suzhi (cultural quality), and the latter is principally connected to educational level. The former largely refers to the idea of eugenics that was imported with the discourse of race from Europe at the turn of the twentieth century (also see Dikötter 1992, Chapter 6), and more recently was embodied in the state one-child-per-couple policy. This policy is interpreted as shaosheng yousheng (‘bear fewer and superior children’) or yousheng youyu (‘bear and rear superior children’).

The reform of the public servants system and of state-run enterprises has shed new light on the benefits that education can bring. Education has again come to be the essential concern of individual families as well as of the government at all levels, although it may be different as to what subjects to offer by the government, and what subjects to study on the part of the masses as the socio-economic situation keeps changing. 22 This educational carnival has been marching forward rapidly at the expense of appropriate and sufficient human and material resources for a quality education.

As a result, the cultural dimension eventually came to be the most important criterion in distinguishing between Huaxia and Yi. Rawski (1988: 33) summarizes that Han-ness or Chinese-ness therefore ‘became defined by dietary habits (the Chinese did not eat dairy products), by clothing styles, and especially by traditions concerning marriage and death’. Historical development of Chinese culturalism 23 This fluidity left room for Yi people to become Xia and vice versa, dependent upon whether they behaved in Xia ways or Yi ways (Chen 1989, Xiao 1995).

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