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The survival consultant for approach directors! "Call on Admin911 to profit what is going on together with your community, to appreciate your thoughts, and to select the precise solutions." --David Chernicoff, home windows 2000 journal

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Refer to WSASetBlockingHook() for a complete description of this mechanism, including pseudo code for the various functions. A service provider must allow installation of a blocking hook function that does not process messages in order to avoid the possibility of reentrant messages while a blocking operation is outstanding. The simplest such blocking hook function would simply return FALSE. ) before executing the application blocking hook so it can get its messages without affecting the rest of the system.

The socket cannot be connected. WSAENOTSOCK The descriptor is not a socket. WSAETIMEDOUT Attempt to connect timed out without establishing a connection. WSAEWOULDBLOCK The socket is marked as non-blocking and the connection cannot be completed immediately. connect WSAEACCES See Also 43 Attempt to connect datagram socket to broadcast address failed because setsockopt() SO_BROADCAST is not enabled. accept(), bind(), getsockname(), socket(), select(), WSAAsyncSelect(), WSAConnect (). 44 getpeername 74 getpeername() Description Get the address of the peer to which a socket is connected.

48 select() and FD_* Because a SOCKET is no longer represented by the UNIX-style "small non-negative integer", the implementation of the select() function was changed in WinSock. Each set of sockets is still represented by the fd_set type, but instead of being stored as a bitmask the set is implemented as an array of SOCKETs. To avoid potential problems, applications must adhere to the use of the FD_XXX macros to set, initialize, clear, and check the fd_set structures. 49 Error codes - errno, h_errno & WSAGetLastError() Error codes set by WinSock are NOT made available via the errno variable.

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