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By Mark Y.D. Wang

In June 1998, U.S. vp Al Gore and the nationwide Partnership for Reinventing govt provided a crew of U.S. military logisticians and RAND analysts the Hammer Award in acceptance of an exceptional accomplishment: streamlining military logistics. for many years, the functionality of military logistics fell gradually at the back of top advertisement practices. military mechanics might wait on general a month for spare elements from far-off offer depots that allows you to fix a down weapon procedure. at the present time a high-velocity, streamlined military provide technique can provide spare elements in part the time it took to convey them simply three years past. in reality, nowadays it acutally takes much less time to get a spare half from a military offer depot than from a advertisement seller.

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An entire technique of violence must be elaborated and yet is not being taught in Western war colleges. (1964, p. 146, emphasis in original) Cost/benefit theorists would respond that “negative feelings” are irrelevant; it is negative actions that matter. Albert Wohlstetter was one of the first to point out the problem with this argument. In comments on a draft of Rebellion and Authority, he notes: More important, an analysis that stresses very heavily making high the price to the population of supporting the rebels and that neglects the preferences of the population for goods and services (or for absolute and relative increases in income) might, in the limit, suggest reducing per capita so drastically that little would 28 On “Other War” be left over to buy the services of the rebels.

This is in marked contrast to previous counterinsurgencies, such as Vietnam, where the security apparatus might have been both corrupt and somewhat inept, but was still a force in being. ” This is not to argue that nothing about the Iraqi insurgency is new or different. The use of the Internet and DVD as propaganda and communication tools is certainly new (though not unprecedented, as the Mexican Chiapas rebels in the 1990s made use of the Internet) (see Coll and Glasser, 2005). The fact that the countryside is practically awash in ordnance ranging from assault rifles and rocket-propelled 6 The degree to which the NLF was an appendage of the Communist Party remains contested.

Returning to the earlier analogy of escalation during the Cold War, it was as if the strategic nuclear level of escalation was unavailable. Both sides would be trapped, unable to escalate further but unable to de-escalate either. This, then, was the essence of the ratcheted escalation problem. If repression at a certain level were insufficient to subdue the insurgents, then it would become necessary to increase that repression. This could, in turn, increase insurgency as the population, under pressure, resisted.

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