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Emilio gave a sardonic smile—it had not been the last! He chose a vantage point where he would see Rosanna and allowed his thoughts to drift back over yesterday’s extraordinary conversation. ’ It was not a question. A person did not have to be an expert at reading body language to see that there was something wrong in Philip’s world. ’ The gloomy reply made Emilio’s lips twitch. ’ If anything, the Englishman’s gloom seemed even more pronounced as he explained the source of his great joy. ’ Adding, ‘Oh, I don’t expect you to believe it.

The expression of polite enquiry on her face melted into one of wild-eyed panic as she tilted her face up at the man standing at her shoulder. He was the reason why she was suddenly not being jostled. People did not jostle Emilio Rios. It wasn’t just his physical presence, which was considerable, it was his aura. ’ Oh, God, how long had he been standing there? The thought that he had been listening made her feel queasy. Emilio Rios smiled and Megan’s lips parted. She had no control over the tiny sigh of female appreciation that emerged from her throat.

Powerful, successful men liked to be told they were wonderful as well as the next person—possibly more, because they took it as their due. She took a deep breath that eased the tightness in her aching chest, opened her mouth and heard herself say, ‘No. ’ Not the sop to his ego she had intended. ’ Megan’s edginess materialised as hostility as she tilted her chin. ‘Very profound, but actually I don’t want to know you,’ she blurted childishly. ‘And if you kiss me again I will—’ Emilio arched a questioning brow and smiled down into her upturned face.

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