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A Pictorial list of the Qing Dynasty - Rivers and websites, comprises significant different types of maps: river maps and maps of old sites.China was once an agrarian society in the course of medieval instances, and harnessing rivers performed a huge function in maintaining social improvement. A Compendium on Harnessing Rivers, which used to be accomplished within the forty second 12 months of Emperor Kangxi s reign (1703), features a huge variety of useful photos compiled and edited by way of Zhang Penghe, the governor-general in control of rivers. The e-book additionally includes maps of assorted rivers drawn via nameless artists. They list the vicissitudes of rivers and parts alongside the banks whereas whilst realistically tracing the shapes of urban partitions, locations of old curiosity, and sweetness spots alongside the rivers.As a mom river of the chinese language state, the Yellow River has continually been the focal point of a lot realization, leading to extra historical chinese language maps of this river than the other in China. This e-book collects many maps of the Yellow River made through the past due Qing interval, such a lot of which additionally list in writing the dates of the crevasse and the closure of a undeniable element of the river and the deployment of infantrymen guarding it. an entire Map of the Yellow River inside of Shandong, A Map of the Yellow River in the complete Province of Shandong, A Concise whole Map of the Yellow River inside Shandong are one of the maps awarded during this book.Other maps on hand comprise Maps of the Rivers less than Baoding Prefecture, Maps of the Rivers less than Zhengding Prefecture, and Maps of the Rivers less than the 5 Prefectures of Zhili Ji, Zhao, Shen, Ding, and Yi.In addition, there are 3 maps of old curiosity: Maps of His Majesty s transitority living Palaces on His go back trip, Maps of Dagu Batteries, and Illustrations of Wendeng, Weihai, and different old Sites..KEY positive aspects- Rivers and websites is the 3rd booklet in A Pictorial list of the Qing Dynasty sequence. the opposite 3 books are entitled company records (Released might 2008), outdated Manchu Capital (Released June 2008), and Manchurian Railway (to be liberate November 2008).- such as over four hundred maps that seem in chronological order in ten different types, each one embellished with coloured drawings.- unique pictures and entire colour

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