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By Earl H. Dowell, Howard C. Curtiss Jr. (auth.), Earl H. Dowell, Howard C. Curtiss Jr., Robert H. Scanlan, Fernando Sisto (eds.)

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W == o. 8) Note that Ä 2 is a nondimensional ratio of aerodynamic to elastic stiffness; we shall call it and similar numbers we shall encounter an 'aeroelastic stiffness number'. It is as basic to aeroelasticity as Mach number and Reynolds number are to fluid mechanics. 16 Fluid flow over a flexible wall. as weil as in the (uniform) beam-rod wing model, iJCL q(lc)eiJa GI (Low speed) fluid flow over a flexible wall A mathematically similar problem arises when a flexible plate is embedded in an otherwise rigid surface.

16) .. y u -py~-py t GEOMETRY .. 10 27 2 Statie aeroelasticity where a(~ts-l'A'-r,~ and Physical Interpretation of A La and A La: A La is the lift coefficient at y due to unit angle of attack at TI. A La is the lift coefficient at y due to unit rotation of control surface at TI. Physical Interpretation of aCJa(pl/U) and aCJaaR : aCJa(pl/U) is the Hft coefficient at y due to unit rolling velocity, pl/U. ) at y due to control surface rotation. Note aCMAdaaT=O by definition of the aerodynamic center.

Is called a structural influenee tunerion. 1) states that to obtain the total twist, one multiplies the actual distributed torque, My, by C"'''' and sums (integrates) over the span. This is physically plausible. C"'''' plays a central role in the integral equation formulation. * The physical interpretation of C"'''' suggests a convenient means of measuring C"'''' in a laboratory experiment. By successively placing unit couples at various locations along the wing and measuring the twists of all such stations for each loading position we can determine C"''''.

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