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A hundred and one nice formative years football Drills is an exhaustive selection of the superior drills to be had, supplying a superior beginning that you should construct your gamers' abilities. jam-packed with uncomplicated step by step directions and diagrams, plus a pattern perform application, this encyclopedia of drills will give you strong skill-building basics in addition to the complex strategies you must get your avid gamers in best shape.

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This teaches accuracy and also teaches the receiving player to move to the ball. 3 Through Goal Throw and Kick (I) Preparation: This drill requires cones and a ball for each player. Execution: Set up two cones, three feet apart and approximately five to ten yards away, for each player; this is that player’s goal. Have the player throw the ball over her head (forward or backward) and then run to the ball and shoot on goal. Also, have her throw it between her legs. Having a player throw the ball over her head backward requires her to turn toward the ball and quickly locate the ball, move to the ball, drib- Passing and Kicking Instruction and Drills ble, and then shoot.

If the kick is with the toe and happens be kicked perfectly, it will go straight. If the kick is to the right of center of the toe, the ball will go right; if it is left of center, the ball will be propelled left. Players cannot kick accurately by using the toe. Passing/Kicking Drills Soccer Golf (F) Preparation: This drill requires cones and a ball for each player. Execution: Place plastic cones around the field at different distances. Tell the players where to start and which cone is number 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.

Plant your foot next to the ball, with that foot pointing in the direction of the pass/kick you are going to make. 4. Hold the ankle of the foot passing/kicking the ball rigid, and let your foot and leg follow through on the kick. 19 Copyright © 2005 by Robert Koger. Click here for terms of use. 20 101 Great Youth Soccer Drills Note: All players have a “sweet spot” on their foot—that place that will give them uniform and accurate kicks. It’s located on the laces of the shoe, although the exact location varies by a small amount from player to player.

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