Now Install a solar panel on your roof using Google’s Sunroof project

Are you ready to use the 100 times faster LI-FI which uses light to send data globally??




With the big technological advancements this year, the upcoming of the LI-FI and the collaboration of many countries including India who have signed a pact to start using more and more solar energy this year in Paris, you need to be ready with your solar panels to avail the services you  would require.

A google team lead by Carl Elkin, engineer at Google has started a tool which would calculate the amount of money you will make up by using solar power yearly.

Not only that it would tell the best vendor near  your place from where you can purchase it. Google says that it uses Google maps to calculate the orientation of roof and shadows from nearby structures and trees . Taking into account historical weather and temperature patterns , it provides the best possible solar energy that you could get through solar panels.

The company launched the project in August, but at the time, it only covered homes in Boston and a few selected areas in California. Today, Google is expanding Project Sunroof’s coverage to selected metro areas in a few additional states. Depending upon the project’s success in launch area, the company plans to spread it nationally as well as globally.