Gear up with 2 months to GATE-2016


With just 2 months to go for the GATE 2016 examination you all must have speed up your preparation. At this point of time it is necessary for you all to stop panic and plan perfectly to revise and all your syllabus thoroughly.

Planning is the most important step for the Gate exam says Ravi Shankar Mishra (GATE topper 2015 CS).

Since childhood, you have been repeatedly told to finish the syllabus. Now for this phase scoring high in GATE is not necessary. GATE exam tests your basic understanding of concepts and application in calculation .In a hurry do not try to mug up facts and theorems to get good marks.

Understand, Learn and Achieve

A single paper can change your life and a head start to your career.

Analyze your present situation

If you are an engineering student, you must be in touch with the syllabus and of course, you must be having good command in some of the subjects. Do a self-analysis of which subjects you fare best in your college and which are your weak points. This will be useful during your preparation.


Syllabus, books-papers

One of the most basic things of the exam is to know the syllabus of the exam beforehand. At this point of time, you do not require to study extra stuffs, which would only lead to make your brain heavy with unnecessary facts in it.

Then comes the books. You should refer books for understanding of concepts, as coaching is not enough to complete any preparation. Self-study makes you better prepared as you solve questions, get into depth of the books and it boosts up your confidence.

The third and the most important of the all is the solving last year papers. You get to know the standard of the questions and compare it with your current knowledge of the topic. It not only brings confidence but also helps you to understand the “selective study pattern”. As the article is coming up with around only 2 months remaining you all should be occupied with solving papers and thus look out for percentage of the topic mostly covered in the paper and prepare accordingly.

Time management

There is little to be said on this. Einstein and Tesla too had only 24 hours in their days. Look at what they accomplished! Never say that you did not get enough time, or that you cannot find time to study or prepare. Time flies equally fast for everyone. It is up to you how you manage it and accomplish great things in life.

Study the exam pattern. This year 65 questions will be coming, having 100 marks total, having general aptitude compulsory for everyone (weightage of 15%). One marks multiple questions will be having 1/3 negative marks while two marks multiple questions will be having 2/3 negative marks and the some numerical questions will have no negative marks. These all information are necessary for time management as you require to know how much time you need to give to a particular questions. There is 3 hours of time and some easy questions should be done in 1-2 minutes as you will require more minutes for the difficult questions. Try to give more time to 2 marks questions as they will yield you more marks in the same time slot.

Make your own notes for GATE Preparation.

During the final days before the exam, you can refer to your self-written notes. Many GATE Toppers have said that whenever they read a book they used to make their own notes on the topics. While revising for GATE exam, you can refer to these notes. Studying from self-written notes is faster, easier and more useful. You cannot revise from a big fat book a few days before the exam.


There is nothing better than the internet for your understanding. Even some books can have some error but sites like for the mathematical problems, for the gate ECE community, and    for the CSE students, and for all GATE aspirants can be used in the best possible way.

Do not give up!

Many students tend to give up half way through the GATE preparation. You are definitely not one of them! The exam is tough, but you are tough enough to handle it. Register to our site to get last year question papers. refer to the link to find us on Facebook for these education based articles and much more.