In a booming economy like India, technical education has become a main stay.
Engineering being the popular choice among the majority of students, we at Conceptohub plan to reach out to this section of society.
The modern education system has many flaws which does not allow the students to connect with the teachers or even the subjects.
We at Conceptohub, want to fill that void which is present in the lives of these students by providing a fresh brand of education which is easy to learn, interactive and fun.
Since parents nowadays want an all-round education, we plan to hold quizzes, debates, seminars and conferences to create proper engineers and not just tools in this mechanised world of engineering.

In the future, we want to see a situation where students are taking up Engineering not just because of its pay but because they want to learn a cool and refreshing subject.In other words, we plan to revolutionize the education system by making the subjects more interesting and being a pillar of support to those need it.Together with your help we can bring a new innovative form of education and revolutionize learning.

Yes Folks! We are not professors, researchers or any intellectually gifted individuals. We are students just like all of you who have faced the difficulties that all of you are facing. We have a dream that one day Engineering would not be deemed as a daunting subject as it is right now. Being 2nd and 3rd year students ourselves, we want to provide an environment where you can learn interactively as well.

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We provide a web portal where students get access to :
• Tailor made notes as per college requirement.
•Active student participation via campus ambassador scheme.
•Internship opportunities for students as per their Curriculum Vitae.
•Industry related counselling from entrepreneurs via video conferencing etc.
•Workshops, seminars and other interactive sessions to enhance understanding of engineering concept (including special industrial software sessions).