About Campus Ambassador Program (CAP) ?

Campus Ambassadors are a selective group of passionate student volunteers who love to act as entrepreneurial campus leaders and connect fellow students with Conceptohub. Campus Ambassadors possess a strong mass communication skill, writing skills and marketing experience. 

Becoming a Campus Ambassador means becoming the voice of Conceptohub on your campus. You will have responsibilities, but they are enriching and interesting! Periodic e-mails, phone calls, hangouts and Skype meetings help CAs stay on track with their tasks, campaigns and projects.

Positions in Campus Ambassadors
We have three positions in our CAP
1.Chief Associates(CA) : One from each college)
2.Senior Associates(SA) : One from every semester from each branch, which is from 3rd year
3.Junior Associates(JA) : One from every semester from each branch, which is from 2nd year

Expected Qualities
Faith in Conceptohub’s vision, have a passion for working on innovative stuffs and promoting new things, and have strong social ties with the students of other branches in their college as well as in social media.
The ideal candidate, for the position of the Campus Ambassador, will be a third or fourth year student with connections across campus.
Must be energetic, outgoing, creative and organized with good verbal, written, and communication skills.
Must have access to a computer with internet connection.
Must be able to independently complete tasks with limited supervision.

For the position of Senior Associates/Junior Associates
Students from 3rd year having good technical skills will be best suited for the Senior Associates
Students from 2nd year having passion for working on innovative stuffs will be best suited for the Junior Associates

Role of a Cheif Associate(CA)
CAs are responsible for generating excitement, awareness and buzz about Conceptohub initiatives and conduct Conceptohub activities on campus.
CAs has to guide their SAs and JAs and send a report of their activities

Role of a SAs and JAs
SAs & JAs has to collect their class notes of their respective semester and report to their CA.
They also need to submit/post atleast two technical articles per week.

Time Commitment
All the associates roughly spends no more than 3-4 hours in a week. Time involvement would primarily depend on how frequently Conceptohub launches new features and initiatives.

The Associates commit to a minimum of one full academic year and can apply to volunteer again as long as they are students of their respective colleges.

Creating and executing one’s own awesome ideas and with the guidance of Conceptohub leaders, learn about grassroot level marketing.
Have the opportunity to execute real-life campaigns. In reality, it can be explained in two simple words: resume building.
Upon successful completion of the program, CAs may ask for a letter of recommendation or experience certificate for a future job, internship, or scholarship.
Build Networking Skills and Corporate connections.
Get goodies, Gift Hampers and much more.

Selection Process
Register online by applying to Campus Ambassador Program.
Shortlisted candidates will receive email/call for a skype/telephonic interview.

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